Mikros Dounias

Presentation  of the subject: Managing discrimination within the learning community in the EUDEC 2018 conference.

Recognizing & fighting adultism
Adultism is a form of discrimination, an -ism, that has not been the subject of social discourse or claims and that is barely established in our consciences. The term stands for the discrimination of children on the grounds of their young age.
The essence of adultism is the differentiated treatment of minors, deriving from judgements based on their age and not on their actual capabilities. Expressions of adultism can be detected both on interpersonal and structural level (minors’ political, social, civil, cultural, economic rights) – and of course in education.
What are some severe consequences of adultism? What can we do, in order to be conscious about it and limit its presence? We will be very happy to share with you our knowledge on the topic after one year of experience in Mikros Dounias. For more click here.

Afternoon activities for children

We’ll be very happy to welcome you in the afternoon children activities organized by Mikros Dounias at the Mosaik Support Center in Mytilene, every Wednesday of November at 18.30.

Wednesday 15/11 Narration of fairy tales by Maria Kourtna (kindergarten tacher) and her music company.
Wednesday 22/11 Music games for children aged 2.5 - 5 (or less, only accompanied) with Maro Giannakopoulou (music educator).
Wednesday 29/11 drama games for children aged 5 years and up, with Eleni Vlachopoulou (actor, theatrologist)

Let's make this Mikros Dounias (Little World) a better place for everyone!

Autonomy and self-regulation in childhood, a presentation from Mikro Dentro

Mikro Dentro visits Mikro Dounia.
We invite you on Friday, October 27, at 6pm, at the Mosaik support center, to participate in the "small tree" presentation on "Autonomy and self-regulation in childhood". We will talk about the importance of adult attitudes and shaping the child's environment in gaining its autonomy.
The presentation will be in the form of a power point where we will present examples of our everyday life with children in the Small Tree. There will be a debate.
We are waiting for you!

"Childhood" documentary projection and debate.

It is a 90 minute documentary about children and how they play on their own terms. An observational documentary that follows the children in a Kindergarten throughout a year. The film draws up a different perspective on what children truly need than what is the current norm. The film is a good conversation starter to explore the function of play in the child’s life and the importance of friendship between children. About safe connections and trust in relationships between adults and children. We are allowed to observe the secret play among children, the play we adults don’t always understand.
After the film there will be a debate with Marit Heldal assistant profesor in Queen Maud University College of Early Childhood Education (QMUC) in Norway.

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