Mikros Dounias

Financial support
We are a non-profit organization and we want our actions to be accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial condition. Thus, for the participants in our actions, financial contribution is optional. The rest of our eχ

penses will hopefully be covered through donations.

Mikros Dounias is a vision that came true through the hard work of our initial team. Its future lies in the hands of all of you especially since it is funded mainly by donations. A lot of expenses need to be covered, for educators salaries, educational material, food, heating and constructions.

We are essentially based on people who believe in our vision and are willing to support our efforts.

There are three ways to support:

● Deposit to our bank account:

National bank of Greece

Bank account number: 415/004159-91

 IBAN GR15 0110 4150 0000 4150 0415 991    


Cause: donation

● A monthly contribution: Our website http://en.mikrosdounias.eu/ gives you the opportunity to become a solid promoter of Mikros Dounias, paying a monthly fee of 10 euros. The monthly fee is a salutary option for our venture, since it is difficult to cover regularly running costs through repetitive campaigns. If you are willing to support our project, please consider this option seriously.

One-time contribution: Through our website donate button.
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